about the film

88 Cents is an award-winning narrative short produced by Neon Flamingo Films. Inspired by the city of San Francisco and the stories of those struggling to survive within it, the film was completed in January of 2018. It has since been selected to screen at over 60 international film festivals, winning 53 awards and having 22 additional nominations.

88 Cents was written and directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Tyler Pina. The sound design was completed by William Storkson, foley supervisor for the Oscar-winning film Lost in Translation. And, the color was graded by Dolby Laboratories’ master colorist Shane Mario Ruggieri, CSI at the Vine Theater in Hollywood.

Symbolizing the voicelessness of this forgotten community, the main character of 88 Cents does not have a single line throughout the entire film. An emotional performance by lead actor Matthew Weitz and an abstract variety of tools were utilized to carry the film without dialogue. This includes the use of recently developed HDR technology that was created by Dolby Laboratories.

88 Cents is the first film ever color graded using Dolby’s newest technology, which has been under development for years. The film was first graded on a 108nit Dolby Cinema high dynamic range projector featuring a staggering contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. This master grade was then mapped down using Dolby Vision content mapping algorithms to DCI 48nits. These algorithms were again used during a 4000 nit Pulsar grade, ensuring the picture is accurately no matter the projector or display. The film has a unique look that will stand out, not only in theaters, but on all displays.