Lead actor

Matthew is an award winning actor. His recent accolades include six Best Actor awards at multiple festivals in Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico, and India. Matthew received nominations at additional festivals, including the Nice International Film Festival in France for his work in 88 Cents. He currently studies acting at the Susan Batson Studio in New York City, and he has previously taught two years of intensive courses in filmmaking.





Tyler is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and owner of Neon Flamingo Films. Prior to creating 88 Cents, he was employed by Vox Media as a director and producer for the company’s verticals: The Verge and Recode. At The Verge, Tyler’s videos reached over 130 million monthly views. In addition, he was the series director for their show Next Level, which has won one Emmy Award in the Technology category and has two nominations at the 2018 Northern California Emmy Awards. Tyler is also the recipient of multiple Telly and CINDY Awards for his previous music video and commercial work.




Alasandro has a formal business background and recently switched from the finance world into the film industry. His producing debut was on the short film 88 Cents. Alasandro is now working on a reality TV show in New York and beginning pre-production for a feature-length film.




Matthew is a nationally recognized cinematographer who was most recently nominated Best Cinematography for his short Paper Harvest. He completed his first feature-length film Hell at Heathridge in 2013 and has continued to work on films across the country ever since. Matthew has received 5 awards for Best Cinematography for his work on 88 Cents.

Chris SM copy.png



Christopher has worked long term in Account Management, Marketing, and Sales in the tech industry. He also spent several years working with different disabled populations. 88 Cents was his first foray in the film industry.


anastasia eliopoulos


Anastasia was the Unit Production Manager for the feature-length film Unlucky in 2015. A year earlier, she worked as the UPM on the web series Second Time Around. Anna is based in Los Angeles and is currently working on various Hollywood films and television shows such as The Fate of the Furious, Teen Wolf, S.W.A.T., and Rosewood.




Harald is a Swedish born Composer, Sound designer, & DJ. He has worked for the past 10+ years creating original soundtracks for commercials and award winning short films. Harald has tailored his music to advertisements and built sonic branding for companies such as Google, Nike, NASA, Youtube, & Adobe. His music has been heard worldwide millions of times, ranging from classical scores to beat-driven dance music. His live performances have shared stages with super-bands like Justice, Hot Chip, OK GO, The Twelves, Alan Braxe and more.

William Storkson_SM.png

William Storkson

Sound Designer

For more than 18 years, William Storkson has been performing, composing, recording, and engineering music and sound design for a variety of media. In 1999, he founded AudioSFX after leaving Lucasfilm THX to create the ultimate one-stop shop for post production sound. William has worked on several projects that have received Academy Awards including Lost in Translation and Adaptation. From music to sound design, William continues to break new ground.


Shane mario ruggieri, csi


Shane works at Dolby Laboratories as a Sr. Production Engineer and Colorist. His experience spans the feature, commercial, corporate and entertainment industries. Not only creative, he has color work used by MPEG to examine new video standards. Shane is also co-author of A Perceptual EOTF for Extended Dynamic Range Imager and author of Breaking Out of the 100-nit Box: A Colorist’s View of Grading HDR.


Christina Scott

Costume Designer

Christina’s background in fine art, textile design and scenic painting has led to her involvement in a wide range of televised projects including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She currently works in Las Vegas with Cirque du Soleil as a costume technician at KÀ, one of the largest theatrical productions ever staged.